About Private Client Financial

Private Client Financial strives to provide a specialist solution to every client's individual financial needs by building a bespoke financial plan with quantifiable goals. We offer our clients a comprehensive range of services and expertise to manage and grow their wealth — all under one roof.

Our vision has always been crystal‐clear: We take pleasure and pride in nurturing wealth for our private clients and their families.

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Private Client Financial


Guy Lanfear, Andrew Kirkman, Greg Bunyard, Jeremy Burman,

Stephen Chapman, Daniel Marais

Our Teams
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(Left to right) Sue Blake, Gerrit Horn, Michael Newdigate, Chris Obose, Ethan Sisam, Michele Williams.

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PCF Monthly Accounting


(Left to right) Dennis Chirongoma, Gakiemah De Bruyn, Harrison Aborgah, Jessica Smyth, Musa Maseko, Nicole Manuel, Tania Van Zyl,
William-John Paul Groener, Ziyanda Mphambani.

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PCF Annual Financial Statements


(Left to right) Adri Van Renen, Dyllan Dafel, Jeremy Van Heerden, Zahiera Latief. 

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PCF Secretarial


(Left to right) Jennifer Perry, Shamega Satardien.

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PCF Audit Management


(Left to right) Alexis Gaffley, Jason Jacobs, Sean Schwartz. 

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Human Resources & Marketing


(Left to right) Marsan Cooper, Carina Mitten, Cathy Alexander.

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PCF Administration 


(Left to right) Aman Collins, Jill Chamberlain, Mario Jardine, Rohda Arendse, Stephanie Follentine, Nuresha Cornelius.

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Support and Security


(Left to right) Maureen Adonis, Farouk Daniels, Lwandise Hina, Bongani Malgas, Sinethemba Mnguni, Monica Ngoqo

Giving Back

All our corporate social initiatives are driven by individual members of the PCH team who are actively involved in the relationship, be it cycling with the UCT cycle team powered by PCH, attending regular E-T-E meetings, nurturing our relationship with REAP, or planting trees with Greenpop, amongst others.

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UCT Cycling Club

Cheetah Outreach



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Cape Leopard Trust