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Realise your Potential and become a Chartered Accountant CA (SA) or a Professional Accountant SAIPA. 

At Private Client Financial we know that each of our clients financial needs are as individual as their thumbprint, and like our clients, we realise that the members of our team are unique individuals.  


Private Client Financial is a registered SAICA and SAIPA training office. This means that even without a degree, you can qualify as a CA(SA) or a SAIPA. Depending on your qualifications you can enrol with us as a Trainee Accountant. The contracts last from three to five years. During this time, you will continue your studies and complete various audits and in-house financial training programmes. This practical training is extremely valuable and will help you achieve a recognised financial qualification.  We are constantly looking for passionate and driven SAICA or SAIPA Trainee Accountants.


Legal Research and Writing

SAICA and SAIPA Trainee Accountant

We are looking for individuals interested in pursuing their training to become a Chartered Accountant in our Claremont, Cape Town office. This is an exciting opportunity for those wanting to take the next step in their career.

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